Education History

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B.A. Technical Management
Concentration: Application Development
Graduation - February 2015
GPA 3.68 (cum laude)
Principals of Management
Contemporary History
Humanities Society and Culture
Project Management
Logic and Design
Structured Analysis and Design
C / C++ Introduction to Programming w/Lab
C++ Object Oriented Programing w/Lab
Career Development
Critical Thinking and Problem Solving
Database Essentials for Business (Microsoft Access)
Database System Design (SQL)
Business Application Programming (Java)
Web Interface Design with Lab
Senior Project
Moraine Valley Community College Logo
A.A.S. Internet Specialist
Graduation - August 2006
GPA 3.32
Composition I
Small Business Management
Introduction To Psychology
Beginning Algebra with Geometry
Intermediate Algebra
Enviromental Science I
Introduction To Humanities
Introduction to PC Applications
Introduction to Business
Composition II
Speech Fundamentals
Principles of Macro-Economics
Electronic Spreadsheets
Real Estate Sales Transactions
Property Management
Introduction to Internet Technology
Orientation to IT Professionals
LAN Technologies
Installing /Administering Web Servers
Managing TCP/IP Networks
Internetwork Connectivity
Web Page Authoring and Publishing
Introduction to Routers
Managing Windows Desktop
Managing Windows Servers
LAN Design
WAN Design
Managing Network Infrastructure
IT Operating Systems Essentials